Annual Melave Malka 5778

Every year the ZNT community join together and celebrate another year at the annual ZNT Malva Malka. Thank you to the ZNT Nishei for arranging this beautiful event. This year we had the great merit to welcome Rabbi Senter as the evenings guest speaker. The audio and the video of the night’s event is available […]

Contemporary and Hashkafah Topics

The following are shiurim given by Rabbi Weiner on interesting contemporary topics. The Shiurim take place Wed nights at the ZNT night Kollel. Winter 5778/2017-18 Shiur One Play Emuna and Bitachon¬† Part One – How much Hishtadlus do I need Shiur Two Play Emuna and Bitachon¬† Part Two Shiur Three Play Emuna and Bitachon¬†Part Three […]