Contemporary and Hashkafah Topics

The following are shiurim given by Rabbi Weiner on interesting contemporary topics.

The Shiurim take place Wed nights at the ZNT night Kollel.

Winter 5778/2017-18

Shiur One Play Emuna and Bitachon  Part One – How much Hishtadlus do I need

Shiur Two Play Emuna and Bitachon  Part Two

Shiur Three Play Emuna and Bitachon Part Three

Summer 5777/2017

Shiur One Play Asay Lecha Rav (Emunahs Chachomim, Ol Torah and the meaning of  Daas Torah)

Shiur Two Play Common Chosen Mishpat questions

Shiur Three Play Da’as Torah – Medical Actions that require a Shaila

Shuir Four – Da’as Torah – Who has Da’as Torah

Shiur Five Play Chiba B’rabim – Part One

Shiur Six Play Chiba B’rabim – Part Two