Bringing the women of ZNT together

The ZNT Neshei was formed to create a sense of community amongst the women of our shul. While the husbands see each other in shul on a regular basis, we felt it beneficial to give the wives a sense of camaraderie and friendship amongst each other.

To ensure newcomers feel welcome, we personally greet each new member of our shul. We at the neshei are here to help the women of our shul, and of our community, feel a sense of belonging – to our shul and to our neighborhood.

Neshei Events

Through fun and innovative Neshei programs, we bring together the women of our shul, as well as other women from the community, to relax, socialize, and have an enjoyable night out.

Always entertaining, our events have hosted an array of activities from a comedian, to baking classes, to inspiring speakers. Mouth-watering refreshments are prepared by the ZNT members to sweeten all events.

Just had a baby?

We’d love to help! ZNT members can send you meals.

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