Hilchos Borer

Beginners Guide To Kashrus In Israel

15 min Shiur on Tefillah at the Preshachris Kollel

1 – Modeh Ani Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Rabbi Margolin on Shiurim

Rabbi Margolin on ShiurimRabbi Margolin on Shiurim

Shovavim 5779 – 2019

Part 1 – Intro-Kesamim  Part 1 – Intro-Kesamim Part 2 Part 2 Part 3 Part 3 Part 4 Part 4 Part 5 Part 5 Part 6 Part 6

Kashrus While Traveling

The Halachos of Kashrus While Traveling Play Play

Bossur V’Choluv

  The Rav Shlita has begun a weekly shiur for the ZNT Nishei. The first topic is that of Bossur V’cholov in the Kitchen   Bossur V’choluv Shiur One Play Bossur V’choluv Shiur Three Play Bossur V’choluv Shiur Four Play  

Shovavim 5778 – 2018

Shovivim Shiurim given by Rabbi Weiner on Hilchos Niddah. Clear, concise and to the point these shiurim are the perfect refresher on these complicated Halochos. This series is given at the ZNT Shabbos Kollel every Motzai Shabbos during the weeks of Shovivim. Shiur One Play Intro and Intro and Kesamim Shiur Two Play Horchokos Part One

Macholos Osuros

The ZNT Shabbos Kollel has been a central part of the ZNT Shul for the past four years. Running throughout the year it has been a time when the sound of Torah learning replaces that of Tefillah. During the winter months, the kollel operates Motzei Shabbos as well as Shabbos day. This gives us the opportunity to offer […]

Halachos of Purim

To view/download a PDF file click here  General Hilchos Purim 1.1) Starting from Maariv, Al Hanisim is added in Sh’mone Esrai in the bracha of מודים, before ‘ועל כלם’. 1.2) If one forgot Al Hanisim: If he has not yet said Hashem’s name in the bracha of ‘הטוב שמך’, he should go back and say […]