Shovavim 5775 – 2015

Shovivim Shiurim given by Rabbi Weiner on Hilchos Niddah. Clear, concise and to the point these shiurim are the perfect refresher on these complicated Halochos.

This series was given at the ZNT Shabbos Kollel every Motzai Shabbos during the weeks of Shovivim.

Shiur 01  Shiur 01 How a Woman Becomes Tomai

Shiur 02 Shiur 02 Harchokos A

Shiur 03 Shiur 03 Harchokos B

Shiur 04 Shiur 04 Tahara Process A

Shiur 05 Shiur 05 Tahara Process B

Shiur 06 Shiur 06 Vestos

Shiur 07 Shiur 07 Shalom Bayis A

Shiur 08 Shiur 08 Shalom Bayis B