Halachos of making a BBQ on Yom Tov

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  1. It is permitted to move the coals for the barbeque beforehand, and there is no issue of muktzah.
  2. It is prohibited to set up the coals for the barbeque in a pyramid shape in order for the fire to catch better.
  3. One is not permitted to make a new fire. One must take the fire from an existing fire.
  4. One is permitted to light a match from an existing fire in order to light the barbeque, even from the heat of a hotplate.
  5. After the fire catches on, one should wait until it goes down before putting the food on.
  6. It is permitted to fan the fire in order to make the fire burn better.
  7. After one placed meat on the grill, and the juices began to fall onto the fire, causing the fire to rise, one is permitted to lower the fire to prevent the food from burning. Similarly, one can lower the fire if the flame is too high and one cannot grill on it.
  8. One may not remove one of the burning coals from within the other coals, in order to lessen the heat. However, if his intent in removing the coal is to make the fire bigger, it is permitted – for example to move the coal to the side where the coals are not burning well.
  9. Gas barbeque – according to Rav Moshe zt”l, it is permitted to lower the flame for the food not to burn.
  10. It is prohibited to barbeque more meat than needed for that day.
  11. After the coals become ashes, they are muktzah, unless they are still hot enough to roast an egg on them.
  12. לכתחילה, one should move the barbeque to a place that does not pose a danger. However, if it is in a dangerous place, one may put out the fire by pouring water on it.