Hilchos Borer

Neshei Kashrus Shiur – 5781

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Neshei Event – 9/17/18

Mrs. Naomi Rivka Most

Neshei Event – 8/26/18

Mrs. Leah Rubashkin

Annual Melave Malka 5778

Every year the ZNT community join together and celebrate another year at the annual ZNT Malva Malka. Thank you to the ZNT Nishei for arranging this beautiful event. This year we had the great merit to welcome Rabbi Senter as the evenings guest speaker. The audio and the video of the night’s event is available […]

Melave Malka 5775/2014

Video credit: Yehuda Boltshauser | Kuvien

Melave Malka 5776/2015

Melaveh malka 2015 (Rav Yosef Elefant)