Halacha Yomi: May 22 2018

The bracha of Asher Yatzar should be said with a lot of concentration, as it is a chance to give praise to Hashem for creating man with great wisdom. This is a big segula for health, parnasah and more.

This bracha has four parts, 1) it is a praise on that which Hashem created us with such great wisdom. 2) a bracha for the benefit that we have benefited through the fascinating system Hashem has made within our bodies. This refers to the ability to take in food through the mouth, and feeling hungry and thirsty so that we will eat and drink in order to live, the ability for the food to remain in the body and not just fall out the other end, the ability to digest the food and send out the different parts of the food to its proper place, and the ability to relieve itself from the parts that the body does not need. All these systems work so perfectly at the perfect moment, like a modern day machine. 3) an awareness that we cannot exist without the help of Hashem. 4) a thanks for healing our bodies from sickness that can destroy the body by allowing us to relieve the waist.