Halacha Yomi: December 25 2018 ( Activities before Shacharis)

Beginning from a half hour before עלות השחר – dawn (dawn is the Zman for when Shachris begins), there are certain activities one is not allowed to get involved in before davening Shacharis, even if one appoints a Shomer – someone to remind them to Daven. Even if one said Birchas Hashachar, they should not be lenient in doing these activities unless there is a very important need to do so. Women, however, may be lenient to do these activities as soon as they give praise to Hashem ( by saying modeh ani) and say a request for help (Hashem please help get me through the day, Birchas Hashachar, or Birchas Hatorah), even if she usually recites the entire Tefilas Shacharis.