Halacha Yomi: April 19 2018

We apologize for the inconsistency, the system was broken. It is now fixed and we hope will continue smoothly. We will now begin the Halachos of wearing a yarmulka. These Halachos are important for women to know as well, in order to be able to teach them to their children and to make sure they are following them correctly. A child from the age of three should be trained to wear a yarmulka, however never to force him. Many seforim bring different segulos for children that started wearing a yarmulke from a very young age, there are those that even begin when he is an infant.

It is prohibited for a man to walk any distance without a covering on his head, and today, even sitting in one place without a head covering is forbidden. One should try to wear a head covering even when he sleeps.

Many compare not walking with one’s head uncovered to walking with one’s body completely erect, as they are brought in the Gemara together. The reason for both is because Hashem is everywhere and by walking with humility and a cover over our head, it reminds us that there is a Hashem above us, like a king who rules over his people. The covering automatically gives one the feeling that there is something above him, and this brings him to יראת שמים, and a feeling of צניעות. By one wearing a cover on his head he fulfills the Mitzvah to fear Hashem, one of the constant Mitzvos. There is a discussion among the poskim if nowadays there is also an issur to go uncovered because of ובחוקותיהם לא תלכו ,or מראית העין. However, either way מנהג ישראל תורה הוא, and because of this it remains by us as an obligation.