Mission Statment

The Zichron Nosson Tzvi (“ZNT”) Foundation’s mission is to help the population of American US citizens residing in Jerusalem Israel by supporting the community and easing their difficulties. We began in 2016 with a group of twenty families and have now grown to over one hundred and fifty. Most of whom we service are those that come to live in Jerusalem on a temporary basis for the first few years of their married life. During this time, many difficulties arise as a result of being away from their families and home country. Most of our focus is on the Jewish Orthodox community residing the Ramat Eshkol and surrounding areas.

Some of our programs include the following;

  • Providing Prayer Services in an environment similar to that which they are accustomed to in America
  • Rabbis, Mentors and a Support Team comprised of Americans
  • Classes and Study Groups designed specifically for our members
  • Social events to help foster communal relationships
  • Distribution of grants to needy families
  • Support for our members during the good and difficult times
  • Supporting an organization that provides kosher certification to American style eateries

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