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Halacha sheets: Chanukah

Read online or download: ZNT Hilchos Chanukah

Macholos Osuros

The ZNT Shabbos Kollel has been a central part of the ZNT Shul for the past four years. Running throughout the year it has been a time when the sound of Torah learning replaces that of Tefillah. During the winter months, the kollel operates Motzei Shabbos as well as Shabbos day. This gives us the opportunity to offer […]

Halachos of the Nine Days

Halachos of the Nine Days

Preida of Rabbi and Mrs Mendy Schechter

On the night of Monday the 17th of July, the ZNT community gathered together to say goodbye to our dear Rabbi Mendy Schechter and family. R’ Mendy is the founder and president of ZNT, incredible baal chesed, amazing friend and over all great guy. Play Our Rav, Rabbi Weiner Play Rabbi Y Berkovits Play Rabbi Steinberg, […]

Hilchos Pesach (10)

Hilchos Pesach 10: part 1 Hilchos Pesach 10: part 2

Contemporary and Hashkafah Topics

The following are shiurim given by Rabbi Weiner on interesting contemporary topics. The Shiurim take place Wed nights at the ZNT night Kollel. Winter 5778/2017-18 Shiur One Play Emuna and Bitachon  Part One – How much Hishtadlus do I need Shiur Two Play Emuna and Bitachon  Part Two Summer 5777/2017 Shiur One Play Asay Lecha Rav […]

Hilchos Pesach (9)

Hilchos Pesach 9

Hilchos Pesach (8)

Hilchos Pesach (8)


The following links are printable pdfs with halachos: Cleaning for Pesach Halachos of the month of Nissan

Hilchos Pesach (7)

Hilchos Pesach (7)