Pirchei and Bnos Groups

Since the shul’s growth has been overwhelming, with many new members joining each zman, we felt the tremendous need of organizing programs for our children. Over two years ago, the shul inaugurated the Zichron Nosson Tzvi Pirchei on Shabbos afternoon.

This program has been founded and spearheaded by our venerable Pirchei head R’ Yoni Burzstein. Baruch Hashem, the program keeps expanding, and recently started a five-minute shiur from the Rav before mincha, which gives each child an opportunity to forge a relationship with our Mora De’asra.

Our Bnos for girls was initiated by Ms. Nechama Weiner, who has been dedicated to giving the girls a beautiful and exciting Shabbos afternooon experience; playing games and hearing stories on the Parsha and Middos.

May we be zoche to continue to grow and build our children to be a source of nachas for every family and for the entire K’lal Yisroel!